Rahul Mahajan defends his “captaincy stint” in Shriman vs Shrimati

It is no secret that Rahul Mahajan is not a great dancer and he himself does not deny the fact. Yet he has been made captain of the boy’s team in Star Plus’ battle of the sexes dance show Shriman vs Shrimati. Now, certain contestants have expressed their displeasure.

Bakhtiyaar Irani said, “It is very tough to dance along with someone like Rahul. He is very talkative and chats even while the judges are talking. I just wish that he is not on the same podium. I take my work seriously and when it comes to my image I care a damn who is my captain. He needs to follow a certain pattern and a certain protocol.”

However, Rahul defends his selection by saying, “that a captain need not always be the best player in the squad.”

He continued, “Have we not seen cricket team captain not always being the top rated batsmen or bowlers. What matters here are team skills and team management. I have to ensure that we work as a cohesive unit and put our best foot forward on the dance floor. I also take pains to field the correct candidate opposite the girl’s side.”

Coming to his personals skills he says, “I am not a dancer, but yes I have improved over the weeks of Nach and now Shriman vs Shrimati. My choreographers are also quite aware of what I am capable of pulling or not.”

Rahul…keep tapping!!!

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